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Karlo Natonton CMM 120 Informative Speech – Speaking Outline I. Cold October night in Chicago, 2003. a. Excitement running through my veins. Cubs are one win away. b. Score was 3-0. Five more outs, millions of Cubs fan reach promised land. c. I blink and the game is over. Hearts broken. d. Imagine St. Louis in 2006 if they lost. II. Cubs fans are of a different breed. Not just a summer activity, it’s a way of life. a. The history, players, and traditions involved with the Chicago Cubs describe the intimate relationship between fans and team. b. Relationship like Facebook (CHANGE SLIDE) (Let’s take a quick look at a brief history of the Chicago Cubs.) CHANGE SLIDE I. White Stockings until 1902. a. Won first WS in 1907 and second in 1908. ( b. What happened since? (, Brittanica) II. Last appearance = 1945 vs. Tigers. III. ~40 years of no playoff appearances (1945-1984) CHANGE SLIDE a. 1990’s = once b. 2003 c. 2007 and 2008 = swept in first round (Though sports fans love winning, not many fans actually love the players the way Cubs fans do)
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