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Unformatted text preview: Karlo Natonton CMM120 Persuasive Speech Prep Outline October 31, 2010 Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that Disneys Toy Story trilogy is the greatest film trilogy of all time. Central Idea: Though many films have attempted to create trilogies, the Toy Story trilogy is the only series to captivate its audiences, have successful box office numbers, and earn positive reviews from the most critical of film critics. Introduction: I. Lets go back to 15 years ago. Now imagine your childhood bedroom. Of course, theres a bed, your dresser, closet, clothes, and like any other 4 or 5 year old, toys. We all loved toys and spent countless hours playing with them. We also had our favorite toys that were always by our side. From your favorite Power Ranger or cuddly teddy bears, we all had a toy that we were literally inseparable from. But what happened when we were away from our toys? Sure, one can say that they obediently sat there waiting for ones return. But in 1995, a Disney movie expanded every childs imagination.(IMDB) II. Disney and Pixars Toy Story fulfilled every childs dreams and more. I know that when I was a kid and saw Toy Story for the first time, I started to wonder what my Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles were doing when I was gone. agrees that no series of movies has so brilliantly grasped the emotional logic that binds the innate creativity of children at play. III. The first film was able to do remarkable things. It sparked the creation of two more sequels, completing the rare film trilogy feat. The Toy Story trilogy is the greatest trilogy of all time because it had movies that were fitting for people of all ages, it has 3 quality movies unlike other film trilogies, and is highly respected within the film industry. Transition: In order for a film trilogy to be successful, the trilogy must be able to fulfill certain requirements. I. There are 3 standards that film trilogies should meet in order to be deemed successful....
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CMM120PersuasivePrepOutline - Karlo Natonton CMM120...

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