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Karlo Natonton English 190 Instructor: Jessica Perolio October 30, 2009 When Handouts Keep Coming, the Food Line Never Ends 1) People are more likely to make donations and volunteer during the holiday season because the needs of the poor are magnified during the holidays. The holiday season is meant for giving thanks for things that we have and gift-giving. During this time, people realize that they are lucky to have certain luxuries and privileges so they feel the need to go out and help others that are not as fortunate as them. 2) Food banking is a result of “food insecurity” in the United States and the solution to “food insecurity” is having the food banking system work as a waste-management tool. Hunger around the world has caused a system of food banking to develop and the solution to help food banking is expansion of warehouses/facilities as well as an increase in employees. 3) Donors have their businesses at stake because they are being called by Winne to donate higher-quality food to food banks. Food banks have their potential donations at stake because
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english190arguments - Karlo Natonton English 190...

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