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Karlo Natonton English 190 Instructor: Jessica Perolio Evaluation Proposal October 16, 2009 Topic: An evaluation of the Reinert cafeteria and why the employees have single-handedly made the dining experience at Reinert unbearable for its residents. Residents of Reinert Hall have consistently complained about the cafeteria in Reinert. The quality of the food is terrible, there are not many choices, the hours are inconvenient and unreasonable, and the employees are not very friendly. Behind all of these negatives is a common denominator which is the staff that runs the cafeteria. At every meal, Reinert residents are met with hostility and unfriendliness once they walk through the doors. The employees seem unwelcoming and they do not seem to care much about anything. The cashier that swipes you in is never at the register unless there is a huge crowd of people of coming in which leaves students
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Unformatted text preview: wondering what to do. Rather than politely asking students what they would like, the servers try to quickly get them out as soon as possible by rushing the students and every effort they make seems to be a hassle. The lack of interest and enthusiasm has an effect on the food and the overall quality of the cafeteria. Choices are kept to a minimum and the hours are unreasonable. What is a student to do when they do not have class until 11 and want to grab breakfast around 10? Well one thing they cant do is enjoy a breakfast at the Reinert cafeteria because it is closed from 9:30AM to 11AM. The cafeteria staff at Reinert has created a reputation of being discourteous and rude which makes the Reinert cafeteria the last resort for a meal for all SLU students let alone Reinerts own residents....
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