CreditCard(2) - #include "CreditCard(2).h" #include...

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#include "CreditCard(2).h" // provides CreditCard #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> // needed for formatting output using namespace std; // All of the required methods are stubbed out below. You should // complete the implementations. /** Construct a new credit card. * * @param no the credit card number (expressed as a string) * @param nm the card-holder's name * @param lim maximum limit for card (expressed in dollars) * @param rt A fraction which represents the monthly interest rate * @param bal Initial balance for this account (expressed in cents) */ CreditCard::CreditCard(string no, string nm, int lim, double rt, int bal) {number = no; name = nm; limit= lim; rate= rt; balance= bal; minPay=0; totalPayment=0; totalPrice=0; } ////////////////////////////////////// // accessors ////////////////////////////////////// /** Return the card number. * @return string representing the card number */ string CreditCard::getNumber() const { return number;} /** Return the name of the card holder. * @return person's name as a string */ string CreditCard::getName() const { return name;} /** Return the credit limit. * @return limit (expressed in dollars) */ int CreditCard::getLimit() const { return limit; } /** Return the interest rate. * @return
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CreditCard(2) - #include "CreditCard(2).h" #include...

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