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#include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; class Television { /* class-level attributes */ static const int MIN_VOLUME = 0; static const int MAX_VOLUME = 10; static const int MIN_CHANNEL = 2; static const int MAX_CHANNEL = 99; private: // Data members of instance /** Whether the power is on */ bool powerOn; /** Whether the tv is muted */ bool muted; /** The current volume level */ int volume; /** The most recent previous channel number */ int prevChan; int channel; int temp; public: /** Creates a new Television instance. * * The power is initially off. Upon the first time the TV is turned on, * it will be set to channel 2, and a volume level of 5. */ Television() { powerOn = false; muted = false; volume = 5; channel = 2; prevChan = 2; } /** Toggles the power setting. * * If Television is off, turns it on. * If Television is on, turns it off. */ void togglePower() { powerOn = !powerOn; } /** Toggles the setting for mute. * * If power is off, there is no effect. * * Otherwise, if television was unmuted, it becomes muted.
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* If television was muted, it becomes unmuted and the volume is * restored to its previous setting. */ void toggleMute() { if (powerOn) { muted = !muted;} } /** Increments the volume of the Television by one increment. * * If power is currently off, there is no effect (-1 returned). * Otherwise, updates the volume setting appropriately.
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Television - #include #include using...

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