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#include "List.h" #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { List<int> mylist; // create a list //add a few elements and keep drawing it mylist.draw("list", 0, true); mylist.push_back(5); mylist.draw("list", 0, true); mylist.push_back(10); mylist.draw("list", 0, true); mylist.push_back(100); mylist.draw("list", 0, true); mylist.push_front(11); mylist.draw("list", 0, true); mylist.pop_back(); mylist.draw("list", 0, true); List<int>::iterator it = mylist.begin();
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Unformatted text preview: mylist.draw("list", &it, true); mylist.insert(it, 7); mylist.draw("list", &it, true); it = mylist.end(); mylist.insert(it, 12); mylist.draw("list", &it, true); //test the iterator code //Note: we need the begin and end functions for this one! // List<int>::iterator iter = mylist.begin(); // mylist.draw("list", &iter, true); // while (iter != mylist.end()) { // ++iter; // mylist.draw("list", &iter, true); // } }...
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