Vector - #ifndef __VECTOR_H #define __VECTOR_H #include

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Unformatted text preview: #ifndef __VECTOR_H #define __VECTOR_H #include <stdexcept> using namespace std; // Deal with constants if they are not defined #ifndef INITIAL_CAPACITY #define INITIAL_CAPACITY 10 #endif #ifndef EXPANSION_FACTOR #define EXPANSION_FACTOR 2 #endif #ifndef EXPANSION_CONSTANT #define EXPANSION_CONSTANT 0 #endif template<typename ItemType> class Vector { private: /** The current capacity of the vector */ int currentCapacity; /** The current size of the vector */ int numItems; /** Array that contains the data */ ItemType *data; public: /** * Default constructur */ Vector<ItemType>() : currentCapacity(INITIAL_CAPACITY), numItems(0), data(new ItemType[INITIAL_CAPACITY]) { } /** * Copy constructor */ Vector<ItemType>(const Vector<ItemType>& other) : currentCapacity(other.currentCapacity), data(new ItemType[other.currentCapacity]), numItems(other.numItems) { for (int i=0; i<numItems; i++) data[i] =[i]; } /** * Destructor */ ~Vector<ItemType>() { delete data; } /** * Access the length */ int size() const { return numItems; } /**...
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Vector - #ifndef __VECTOR_H #define __VECTOR_H #include

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