ch 1 vocab - Balance sheet indicates the financial...

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Balance sheet- indicates the financial condition of a company at a specific time Business- organizations with one or more people who decide on wellbeing, goals to pursue, organize and complete goals. Business environment- complex collection of political, economic, social and technological factors Business process- a process consisting of multiple sequential steps or activities that produce some outcome or output Commerce- buying and selling of goods CRM- Data- raw facts, that by themselves have a limited meanin Data flow-associated with process and the steps that take place within Decision support system Document flow- associated with completion steps in customer orders E-Commerce- use of info systems, technology, and computer networks by individuals or organizations to create business value Enterprise resource planning- Enterprise systems- (ES) support entire process rather than just parts of the process/support the execution of individual activities in a process and help the organization coordination work across functions
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ch 1 vocab - Balance sheet indicates the financial...

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