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For many reasons now people has express themselves by wearing unique type of clothing that fits them. They started to want to stand out from everyone else by changing their clothing and some extreme changes very popular and were followed by more people. I’m a good fit for this career of fashion design because I have an eye for color and detail and an appreciation for beauty. The degrees needed for this career are associate or bachelor. For an associate degree which is 2 years, you will need sixty credits to complete the degree. For an bachelor degree which is 4 years you will need one hundred and twenty credits. Some best colleges I will like to attend are Loyola University, Columbia College, The Art institute of Chicago, and Illinois Institute of Chicago. In this profession I’m going to be determining prices for styles, developing a group of products and accessories, direct and coordinate workers involved in drawing, provide sample garments, sew together sections of material, test fabrics, and of course attend fashion shows. The basic
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Unformatted text preview: coursework includes color, textiles, sewing, tailoring, pattern making, fashion history and computer-aided design. The skills I can learn through internships with design or manufacturing firms are necessary. To gain valuable experience it be best to work in retail stores. Other essential skills are having a strong sense of esthetic, sense of balance and proportion, excellent communication and problem solving skills. Job competition is expected to be keen as many applicants are attracted to the creativity and glamour. To remain successful in this career I would have to gain artistic skills in sketching my clothing designs. And also to improve my communications skills in public speaking. To complete it will cost $9, 245 per semester for a full time credit load which is 12-16 credit hours or $18,490 for an annual tuition. Each additional credit over 16 hours is $468.00. fashion designers make an annual wage of $71,400 according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. An internships...
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