Biology Review #1

Biology Review #1 - Biology Review Test#1 Essay/Short...

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Biology Review Test #1 9-17-09 Essay/Short Answer Natural Selection and How It Works o Over production of offspring o Variation with the offspring o Struggle to survive – winner produces the most offspring 2 concepts of an ecosystem o Flow of nutrients Recycling of materials o Flow of energy No recycling Organization of Life o Atoms Smallest part of an element that retains its properties o Molecules 2 or more atoms linked together o Cells Basic unit of life Prokaryotic o Lack membrane bound nucleus Eukaryotic o Membrane bound organelles o Tissue Group of cells performing a function
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o Organs Group of tissues performing a function o Organ System Group of organs performing a function o Organism Individual o Population All the individuals of a species o Community All the populations of a given area o Biome Collection of ecosystems o Biosphere Earth 3 Domains o Archaea Prokaryotic domain Most primitive Too hot, acidic, salty, lacks O 2 o Bacteria Prokaryotic domain o Eukarya Eukaryotic domain Protists, plants, fungi, animals Man Made Evolution Problems o Bacteria
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Biology Review #1 - Biology Review Test#1 Essay/Short...

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