Biology Review #3 - 5. Define and where are they: a. Code...

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Bio Review #3 11/12/09 Short Answer/Essay: 1. Mendel’s Principles a. Law of Segregation i. Genes separate from one another b. Law of Independent Assortment i. Chromosome A separates from all the others independently 2. Why would you do a CVS? a. To determine if there are any problems or defects with the baby 3. Define and give an example a. Incomplete dominance i. ? ii. Example: b. Multiple Allele i. Codominancy ii. Example: Type AB (universal recipient) c. Pleitrophy i. 1 gene – multiple effects ii. Example: d. Polygenic Inheritance
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i. Multiple genes affecting a given trait ii. Example: 4. AIDS a. Define: b. What causes it: c. How it is being sabotaged: d. Why it works:
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Define and where are they: a. Code i. Define: ii. DNA b. Codon i. Define: ii. mRNA c. Anticodon i. Define: ii. tRNA 6. Gene Linkage? a. Associated with another characteristic (inherited together) i. Sex linked 7. Test Cross a. Define: b. Example: 8. List the gametes in a X X Y Y Z Z cross a. ? 9. Describe the makeup of your DNA molecule a. ? 10. Explain DNA Replication a. ? 11. List the types of RNA and give function a. mRNA i. picks up code of DNA b. tRNA i. brings in the appropriate amino acid c. rRNA i. work bench 12. Explain Protein Synthesis a. ?...
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Biology Review #3 - 5. Define and where are they: a. Code...

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