700 min paper 2 - Brittany Wertman The Dream "It was...

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Brittany Wertman The Dream “It was like he came along and whispered a dream in everybody’s ear and then we all dreamed it.” Elvis Presley made it easy for all us fellow Americans to live the American Dream, because he expressed it through his music. Presley made it easy for people, teenagers especially, to escape from reality and take center stage of their dream world, within the walls of their personal bedroom. Many believe the American Dream is finding success and showing it through “booby prizes”, when in fact all those little things are merely part of the dream, but not the ending success. To achieve happiness within oneself is the true success and if within the success, one achieves such “booby prizes”, they are mere amenities but not what makes up the true American Dream. Elvis Presley had a way with words, or should I say, a way with music. He grabbed the attention of every female across the nation with his good looks, charm and gyrating hips. Whether people saw him as a positive or negative influence, everyone heard what Elvis said, but were they really listening? Elvis sang many different songs, but his emotion and personal influence made the songs as powerful as they were. Anyone can sing a tune but it takes the right voice to make it a song. Presley showed America that
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700 min paper 2 - Brittany Wertman The Dream "It was...

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