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Homework 5a - Homework #5: Swahili 1. As a Bantu language,...

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Homework #5: Swahili 1. As a Bantu language, Swahili is part of the Niger-Kordofanian genetic group of the African language family. With more than twelve centuries of contact with Arabic- speaking people of the coast of Zanj, about 35% of Swahili vocabulary is derived from the Arabic language. Swahili, with about five to ten million native speakers, is the official language of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Though there is a small population of people who speak Swahili as their first language, approximately fifty million people in Burundi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Somalia, and Oman speak Swahili as their second language. This homework will focus on data given by a native speaker of Swahili from Tanzania. 2. (i) The basic word order of Swahili is SVO. Though SVO word order is dominant, the word order is flexible. A-li-nunua kitabu. She-past-buy book-singular She bought a book. A-li ki nunua. She-past it buy She bought it. (ii) The order of subject, object, and verb is the same in matrix clauses and in embedded clauses. A-na-jua ambaye si-l-i nyama. She-present-know that neg. subject marker, 1 st person sing-eat-neg. suffix meat. She knows that I do not eat meat. (iii) Order of subject and verb in intransitive sentences is SV. Carol a-li-amka mapema. Carol she-past-awake early. Carol woke up early.
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(iv) The position of the oblique is VOX. Ni-li-ona muulana kwa shule. I-past-see boy from school. V
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Homework 5a - Homework #5: Swahili 1. As a Bantu language,...

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