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ADJECTIVE CLAUSES Instructions: Underline the adjective clause in the following sentences and circle the noun it modifies. 1. I like a leader who listens to his men. 2. The dog, which I loved dearly, was hit by a truck last night. 3. Sally is a person who takes responsibility well. 4. All individuals who purchased tickets will be admitted. 5. The shirt that you bought me doesn't fit well. 6. The woman who baked the winning pie is my wife. 7. You called at a time when I was unable to answer. 8. Gloria is the one for whom you are looking. 9. Those who are willing to serve others will be rewarded.
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Unformatted text preview: 10. It was the coldest winter that New Yorkers had ever experienced. 11. Donna is the cheerleader who also plays baseball. 12. The man who is wearing a neck brace was in a car accident. 13. The milk that is in this carton smells sour. 14. Sunday night is the time when television attracts the most viewers. 15. The artist and her husband designed their own home, which was made of steel and glass. 16. This is the time of day that I like best. 17. One American writer who lived in Paris was James Baldwin. 18. The maple tree that Grandpa planted is over twenty feet tall....
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