Borders - Borders Borders book stores are one of the...

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Borders Borders book stores are one of the prestigious book stores in America today. Today, Borders is one of the largest suppliers of books, and reading materials, operating in the United States today. “In 1971, Tom and Louis Borders open their first bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan and named it Borders, over the years the brothers expanded their stores to different market areas,” (Borders Properties, Inc., 2011). However, the history for the bookstore now scales back as far as 1962; thanks to its merger with book store giant Walden. “Walden bookstore was founded in 1962 by Lawrence Hoyt in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,” (Borders Properties, Inc., 2011). The merger between the stores did not happen until in 1992, when retail store giant K- Mart acquire Borders, after acquiring Walden back in 1984, helping form the Walden and Border group. Then in 1995 the two groups change their name to Borders Group Inc., the name they carry today. Borders business model is focusing on selling books, music, and other book services from their retail stores, and also selling their products and services from their newly formed e-book site. The company is struggling to compete with the other bookstore giants Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. Borders business model is creating struggles for the company to stay competitive with
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Borders - Borders Borders book stores are one of the...

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