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WEX 101-003 - is the way of opening mind to the divine...

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Mr. Andy Cricken started the program by introducing Haale-a musician and an artist. She is from New York City. She plays rock, folks and all kind of songs all around the world. She was major in Biology but she didn’t exactly know what she wanted to be she loved music and so she decided to become a musician and an artist. Writing poetry in San Francisco, she was inspired by many poets. (I don’t know the poet’s names) According to her, Sufism is mystical Islamic belief and practice in which Muslims seek to find the truth of divine, love and knowledge through direct personal experience of god. Today lots of people are living in pain, fear, terror; Sufi music-poetry
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Unformatted text preview: is the way of opening mind to the divine reality, a way of helping people to grow out of the visible into the realm of the invisible. Poetry is an instrument of awakening and instruction. Poetry and the music touch the inner sensibilities—the emotional, intuitive, moral and spiritual parts of the inner self. They open the person living in the visible world to the realities of the invisible world. They use music and poetry as a tool of love and pain. She also talked about Rumi-whose poetries are most popular in North America. His poets are the best selling poets in America. She is performing her shows in Chicago next week....
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