Movie Comparison - Movie Comparison The movie The Emperors...

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Movie Comparison The movie “The Emperor’s Shadow” directed by Zhou Xiaowen and “The Emperor and the Assassin” directed by Chen Kaige contained many similarities and differences. Each director had a very different interpretation of the first emperor of China, Ying Zheng. Ying Zheng is the first emperor from the state of Qin, during 246 BCE-231 BCE. He is a very important and significant man in China because he was the first person ever to reunite it. Many of King Zheng’s public works are still seen today. He constructed the Great Wall of China, which is one of the only man-made objects that can be seen from space. Also during his death, he ordered the creation of the terracotta army in order to protect him in his afterlife. This man has single handedly changed the history of China, which is why he is so important. Through the works of Zhou Xiaowen and Chen Kaige we can see different interpretation of China’s first emperors life. “The Emperor’s Shadow” directed by Zhou Xiaowen placed a heavy emphasis on the emperor’s childhood friend Gao Jianli. During their childhood, Gao Jianli’s mother took care of both Emperor Zheng and Jianli. During his attempt to conquer all six powerful kingdoms, Zheng commanded
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his men to spare Jianli during his conquer of Yan. Gao Jianli is a man who mastered the art of music. His music touched hearts of anyone who heard him and truly received a gift from spirits when he was born. Zheng’s reason for keeping Jianli is to use his musical talent in order to construct a national anthem. Instead of constructing this music piece, Jianli ended up falling in love with Zheng’s daughter. Eventually, Jianli was able to cure her paralysis through the beauty of his music. Even though the imperial court forbids such actions between Jianli and the emperor’s daughter, Zheng gave Jianli numerous chances. In the beginning Zheng spared the life of Jianli, but did
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Movie Comparison - Movie Comparison The movie The Emperors...

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