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Stat 373 F10 Final Exam Information Date, Time and Location: See official exam schedule. Exam aides: - Double-sided (or two-single sided) 8.5x11 study sheet - Calculator (non-programmable) Content: - All material discussed in lectures from Chapter 1 – Chapter 6 as outlined in posted term test information documents. - Material discussed in lectures on AR(1) and MA(1) models (Chapter 6 from p. 13, not including content (and table) on partial autocorrelation functions (pacf))
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Unformatted text preview: - Material discussed in lectures from Chapter 8 (all of Section 8.1 only) Additional exercise questions from Chapter 6 (ARIMA models) and Chapter 8 (Section 1) of course notes (see term test information documents for relevant exercises from previous chapters): - Chapter 8: 1a),b), 2a),b), 3, 6. - F08 STAT 373: Assignment #4: 1c),d). Assignment #5: 2 -F08 Midterm II: 1 a) - d), 3. -F09 Term Test III: 1a)-d) -Plus all Forecasting Review Questions...
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