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LING HW 3 - Score out of 8(= 16 points 2 LINGUISTICS 1...

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Score: _____ out of 8 (= 16 points ÷ 2) LINGUISTICS 1: ASSIGNMENT 3 1. (1 point) Estimate the size of your vocabulary! Proceed as follows: Get a dictionary of the language you want to work on (it doesn’t have to be English). Language and dictionary: Spanish Barron’s Spanish Dictionary 1. Look at the first word on each of 25 randomly selected pages and enter the number of words you know from those 25. 1. 15 2. Divide line 1 by 25 (this is the percentage of those words you know). 2. 60% 3a. Count the total number of words on a randomly selected page and enter the number:. 3a. 22 3b. Enter the total number of pages in the dictionary. 3b. 982 4. Multiply line 3a by line 3b. 4. 21604 5. Multiply line 2 by line 4. This is the approximate number of words you know in this dictionary. Of course, if you wanted to know how many words you know in the language , you would have to use an unabridged dictionary! 5. 12962.4 2. (3 points) Nearly all spoken and written communication has an arbitrary (= non- iconic ) relation between form and meaning. There are, however, some spoken and written expressions that can be interpreted as non-arbitrary (= iconic ). Below are three expressions that can be typed with standard keyboard fonts. For each expression, circle whether the relationship between the form and the meaning is ARBITRARY or NONARBITRARY , and explain in FEWER THAN 15 WORDS why the relationship is ( NON ) ARBITRARY . :-) I’m happy. $2 two dollars Ow! This hurts! NONARBITRARY Reason: This is actually meant to be a representation of what it means to be happy. This symbol is not random, and people who use this sign are trying to express that they are happy. ARBITRARY Reason: This is because this symbol is conventional. This means that you would have to learn it in order to understand that it meant two dollars. A symbol that would be nonarbitrary would be holding up two fingers. ARBITRARY Reason: A counter example would be the words “how” and “wow”. Someone who is not familiar with the culture wouldn’t understand that this sound meant that they were hurting.
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Linguistics 1, Assignment 3, p. 2 3. (2 points) On page 39 of the APS book, we give examples where, on the one hand, Hausa has one word ( kad’a ) covering a range of meanings that English expresses with several words, and, on the other hand, English has one word ( break ) covering a range of meanings that Hausa expresses with several words. Find a situation where …
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LING HW 3 - Score out of 8(= 16 points 2 LINGUISTICS 1...

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