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1 Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Department of Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics ME22002 Tutorial 2 (Energy Analysis of Closed Systems) 1. A well-insulated rigid tank contains 5 kg of a saturated liquid vapor mixture of water at l00 kPa. Initially, three-quarters of the mass is in the liquid phase. An electric resistor placed in the tank is connected to a 110-V source and a current of 8 A flows through the resistor when the switch is turned on. Determine how long it will take to vaporize all the liquid in the tank. Also, show the process on a T-v diagram with respect to saturation lines. 2. Two tanks (Tank A and Tank B) are separated by a partition. Initially Tank A contains 2-kg steam at 1 MPa and 300°C while Tank B contains 3-kg saturated liquid vapor mixture with a vapor mass fraction of 50 percent. Now the partition is removed and the two sides are allowed to mix until the mechanical and thermal equilibrium are established. If the pressure at the final state is 300 kPa, determine (a) the temperature and quality of the steam (if mixture) at the final state and (b) the amount of heat lost from the tanks. 3.
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tutorial2 - Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur...

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