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Spring 2011 Economist portfolio assignment - Economist...

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The Economist  Assignment 50 points During the semester, you will report (orally and in writing) on five (5)   different   articles from  The Economist  online. See Blackboard for information on accessing  The Economist  and saving articles.  These articles can be related to your  major or simply of interest to you as a Fox School of Business student.  Due Dates Week 5 :   You will give a 30-60 second  oral summary  of one  Economist  article  (no notes).              10 points Week 7 :  You will turn in a  written summary  (no more than 150 words) of one  Economist  article.      10 points Week 9 :  You will turn in a  written summary  (no more than 150 words) of one 
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Unformatted text preview: Economist article. 10 points Week 11 : You will give a 30-60 second oral summary of one Economist article (no notes). 10 points Week 13 : You will turn in a written summary (no more than 150 words) of one Economist article. 10 points Each summary/abstract should focus on the following: Main point(s) of the article. Most powerful details that support the main points of the article. E DIT FOR CONCISE , PRECISE AND TIGHT LANGUAGE ! Y OU MUST GET YOUR POINT ACROSS IN A LIMITED NUMBER OF WORDS ....
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