Syllabus Spring 2011 Section 022

Syllabus Spring 2011 Section 022 - BUSINESS COMMUNICATION...

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B USINESS C OMMUNICATION 2196 S ECTION 022 Instructor: Dee Johnson [email protected] Speakman Hall Room 204 Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 8-9 p.m. From the Business Roundtable—Leaders of Fortune 500 companies ‚Writing skills are fundamental in business. It’s increasingly important to be able to convey content in a tight, logical, direct manner, particularly in a fast-paced technological environment.‛ ‚My view is that good writing is a sign of good thinking . Writing that is persuasive, logical, and orderly is impressive. Writing that’s not careful can be a signal of unclear thinking.‛ COURSE OBJECTIVE What you’ll learn: Immediately useful and relevant business communication skills, with a focus on the following: Effective tools you can use to ‘edit’ your own writing: Ways to write clearly, concisely, and correctly. Best strategies for targeting a business, ‘results-oriented’ audience in business documents, websites, and correspondence. Best strategies to enhance your presentation skills. Best strategies to enhance critical thinking and analytical skills— the engines of good writing. This semester you’ll gain skills crucial to your academic and career success. As one business roundtable executive put it: ‚In most cases, writing ability could be your ticket in . . . or it could be your ticket out [of a job].‛ The Fox School understands that our graduates must meet the highest standards in these skills , and this course will be a demanding one. But these demands serve a valuable purpose, and we expect and believe that you’ll meet those demands in a dedicated and timely manner. What you put into this course is directly correlated to what you get out. Nothing ever great was achieved without enthusiasm. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
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COURSE MATERIALS Business Writer’s Handbook by Alred, Brusaw, and Oliu (Ninth Edition) available at the Temple University bookstore. COURSE ASSIGNMENTS 1000 point scale Writing Assignment 1 100 Writing Assignment 2 100 Writing Assignment 3 100 Writing Assignment 4 100 Writing Assignment 5 100 Writing Assignment 6 ** 200 Graded Quizzes (Three=100 points) 100 Harvard Business Review presentation 75 Two-person Team Teaching presentation 75 The Economist Portfolio 50 TOTAL 1000 POINTS ** Writing Assignment 6 is an in-class ‚ Writing Mastery Exam ‛ given Week 12 of the course. Important Note on Mastery Exam Protocol : Students write the Mastery Exam based on a prompt and the Mastery exams are evaluated by our Business Writing Advisory Board , not your teacher to eliminate bias or preference. You will receive the full 200 points if you receive a Pass ; that is, if you have demonstrated mastery of the writing skills we’ll focus on all semester. You will receive 0 points if you receive a Not Pass. We will hold a preparatory session one week before the exam. What can help you succeed at this in-class Mastery exam?
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Syllabus Spring 2011 Section 022 - BUSINESS COMMUNICATION...

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