Writing Assignment 1 (StrengthsFinder) Grading Rubric

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Evaluation Rubric for Writing Assignment 1: Response to Strengths Finder A SSIGNMENT R EQUIREMENTS Content Introduction describes your experience with the exercise and makes a claim about your three strengths. Body of assignment describes your three strengths in such a way that someone who doesn’t know you would gain a good understanding of your natural talents. Body of assignment illustrates your assertions with strong, SPECIFIC examples or stories from your life (work, school, or personal). Conclusion describes what your talents tell you about your future and professional career and highlights insights the assignment gave you. _____ /35 Structure and Logic Opening paragraph sets up the issue and makes an assertion (i.e., has a thesis statement; makes a claim) Internal paragraphs: each have a single topic linked to the opening claim (paragraphs have clear topic sentences). fully explain and support that topic with specific, detailed, and well-chosen evidence.
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