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Writing Assignment 4 Merck

Writing Assignment 4 Merck - WRITING ASSIGNMENT 4 An...

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W RITING A SSIGNMENT 4 An Analysis of C ompeting ‘ N arratives’ in the Merck Vioxx Case Background When we try to persuade someone of something, we base a large part of our persuasion on our credibility. According to Aristotle, we establish credibility with an audience by building ethos with our reader/listener, and we build ethos by demonstrating to our audience that we have: Good judgment and knowledge; we know what we are talking about. A history of saying and doing the right thing. An ability to see beyond our own needs; we can be objective and think of all parties. A desire to help and support others. In this assignment, you will look at two competing narratives a negative narrative in the press and Merck’s attempt at a positive rebuttal on Mer ck’s behavior in the Vioxx case . 1. One narrative comes from two news articles we provide you ( Wall Street Journal and The Lancet ), which are posted on Blackboard under Writing Assignment 4.
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