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Human Sexualities Spring 2011 Class Participation 2 Assignment Due April 7, 2011 Frontline :  HIV-AIDS The NPR Frontline program on HIV-AIDS is separated into two parts, each with  several segments.   1. Please watch two 14 minute segments : A. Part 2 Segment 2 “A Radical New Treatment” and B. Part 2 Segment 6 “New Challenges” 2. Write (suggestion:  take some notes as you watch the segments) A. List 5 points you learned from each segment (one list each = 2 lists!). 
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Unformatted text preview: Only one sentence per point! B. Reflect on one aspect of either or both segments that made the strongest impression on you (surprising, moving, distressing, inspiring, confusing, fascinating, puzzling…?). Only one short paragraph! C. Include your name! Please make sure that you follow the directions carefully—be concise and stick to writing what is required!...
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