HS Spring 2011 EXAM 2 Review Guide

HS Spring 2011 EXAM 2 Review Guide - S/I/E/O model Factors...

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Human Sexuality 0818 Spring 2011 Exam 2 Review Guide Introduction The exam will consist of 35 multiple choice questions based on Chapters 4, 10 & 11 as well as lecture slides, guest speakers and class discussions. A couple of suggestions for studying: 1. Review lecture slides, including that of Damon Constantinides. 2. Go to the Hock Human Sexuality website (link on first page of syllabus) for practice exams and quizzes. This will help you practice responding to the exam questions. 3. The exam questions do not focus on straight definitions. There will be factual, conceptual and application questions. Fully reading the question and looking for important cue words, double negatives, etc. is essential. Topics to review
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Unformatted text preview: S/I/E/O model Factors involved in establishing early intimacy, stages of flirting Styles of love Triangular theory of love Self-disclosure Attribution theory as it relates to communication in relationships Effective communication patterns defined by Gottman Reasons why relationships fail Abusive relationships: cycle of violence Development of gender identity and biological sex Gender roles, gender identity, transgender Sexual orientations and behaviors Legal and cultural issues related to sexual orientation Please remember you are responsible for all the assigned textbook reading and lecture slides for the exam, whether or not we talked about them during class. PEH...
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HS Spring 2011 EXAM 2 Review Guide - S/I/E/O model Factors...

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