Relationship Failures and Solutions Assignment

Relationship Failures and Solutions Assignment - 1....

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Relationship Failures and Solutions Assignment Due 2/24/2011 Roger Hock describes ten reasons why relationships fail in Chapter 4, pp.  126-130.  Choose one of the ten reasons relationships fail or have problems and   describe how it played/s out in a relationship.         Write about a current or past personal relationship or a relationship of friends or  family members.  If you cannot think of anyone you know, then develop your ideas  around a relationship you have read about or seen in the media.   You may find that the relationship failure/problem you choose to discuss is  interconnected with other relationship failures/problems (no surprise).   You can  include these other related failures/problems in your discussion,  but be mindful to keep your focus on the primary relationship failure.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Describe how: a. each partner (and any other involved people) contributes to and maintains the relationship failure/problem. b. the relationship failure/problem affects each partner and the relationship . 2 . Then present advice you think would help resolve the problem. Hock (pp. 115-125) presents a number of ways that partners can improve or enhance their relationships. Include at least two elements from these pages of the textbook in your proposed solutions for the troubled couple. 3. Format: a. 2-3 typed, double sided and/or stapled pages, b.12 pt. Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing Your paper must be submitted during class on 2/24/2011 to receive credit. This assignment is 4% of your final grade....
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Relationship Failures and Solutions Assignment - 1....

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