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Sexual Addiction Assignment - Type the following and bring...

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Class Participation 2 Assignment:  Sexual Addiction Due 3/31/2011 All readings are in the Articles folder in Course Documents 1. Read  Taking Sides  article on Sex Addiction 2. Read  Article from  NYT Modern Love  (2009) on Sexual Addiction 3. Review  the diagnostic questionnaire: 4. Optional and fascinating reading     NYT (2000)   Lauren Slater’s article  “Cures for Sex Addicts”
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Unformatted text preview: Type the following and bring to class: 1. Write a list of 3-5 points (one sentence each) from each side of the argument , “Is sex addiction truly an addiction?” (Record them as you read!) 2. Write a one paragraph personal statement about your perspective. I nclude your thoughts about the Modern Love article and the questionnaire....
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