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Class Notes Tuesday 1 - -prime cost dm dl-conversion costs...

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Class Notes Tuesday 1/25 -product costs (direct materials, direct labor, overhead) -associated with manufacturing of products -non production costs -everything else including distribution and selling/administration costs -crucial, but do not add value to product -direct materials and labor directly traced to production -overhead- all other production costs -electricity, supplies, indirect labor -Indirect materials- I.E temporary support beams -Indirect labor- manager’s salary -unit cost= total product cost/# units produced
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Unformatted text preview: -prime cost- dm, dl-conversion costs- dm, ovrhd, dl-period costs- expensed in period incurred-inventory is asset until sold-selling costs- marketing, distribution, product service-admin- research and development, general administration, accounting, legal-purchases does NOT equal materials used Beginning inventory +purchases-ending inventory =materials used-work in process- partially completed good still on factory floor at end of period...
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