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MIS070 In-Class Exercise Classifying Information Systems Overview We’ve discussed several different types of information systems: Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) Management Information Systems (MIS) Decision Support Systems (DSS) Executive Support Systems (ESS) Executive Information Systems (EIS) These categories are rather broad, and sometimes it is difficult to put an application in a single category. However, being able to identify to which category a system belongs helps understand what they do. Exercise In groups of four, think of three computer systems with which you’ve interacted over the past month, either within the University or outside it. One example might be Blackboard
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Unformatted text preview: (but don’t use that one now!). For each system, place it in one of the five categories listed above and explain what characteristics of that system correspond to the category you chose. Try to be creative about the systems you choose. Also, don’t get stuck on the “executive” aspect of ESS and EIS – think about the way they deal with information instead of whether or not they are used for executive decision-making. Make sure you write down your answers so we can discuss them later in class. Strategic Management Tactical Management Business Operations EIS ESS DSS MIS TPS...
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