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MIS070 In-Class Exercise Describe a Complex Business Process Overview In a previous exercise, you described a relatively simple business process. In this exercise, you’re going to describe a business process that is more complex. Remember, a business process can be depicted using a data flow diagram (DFD). A DFD has several basic components: Entities – The things that interact with the process (i.e., a customer, a delivery person) Data flows – The information that flows between steps in the process (i.e., Processes – The steps themselves. A business process can be broken up into smaller processes, which describe the actions that are performed as part of the larger process. Data stores – Contains the data used in the process. Exercise Most grocery stores now have some sort of “club card” system where customers receive discounted prices in exchange for using the card when they make their purchases. The club card tracks the purchasing habits of the customers.
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Unformatted text preview: In groups of four, construct a data flow diagram that describes a grocery store point-of-sale system that uses a club card. The major events along this process are: • A customer purchases goods and their card is scanned at the point-of-sale. • Based on the set of items purchased during this session and items purchased during the last month, customized coupons are printed along with the receipt. • If the customer has purchased $250.00 worth of groceries in the last month, they get an immediate discount of 10%. • A customer may pay with cash, a credit card, or a debit card. The credit card is validated at the time of sale with the credit card company. The debit card is validated at the time of sale with the customer’s bank. • The set of purchased items are sent to the grocery store’s inventory system Be as detailed as possible, especially with the data flows. We’ll be discussing this later in the class....
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