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In-Class Exercise Describe a Simple Business Process Overview We’ve discussed that a business process is essentially a series of steps that make up a function that the business must perform. Some examples include: Ordering a pizza for delivery Processing an expense report to reimburse an employee Paying for a shipment of goods that are received by a supplier A business process can be depicted using a data flow diagram (DFD). A DFD has several basic components: Entities – The things that interact with the process (i.e., a customer, a delivery person) Data flows – The information that flows between steps in the process (i.e., Processes – The steps themselves. A business process can be broken up into smaller processes, which describe the actions that are performed as part of the larger process. Data stores – Contains the data used in the process. A typical data flow diagram looks like this:
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Inclass_Describe_a_Simple_Business_Process - MIS070...

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