Class Notes 7.1.10 - Pols 497 Class Notes 7.1.10 Lian...

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Pols 497 Class Notes 7.1.10 Lian Zhan's Historical Visit to China Lian visited China in 2005 Achieved a fundamental consensus with Hu Jin Tao Increased economic ties with China Put pressure on Chen Shui-Bian China Replacing threats with engagement Allow mainlander to visit Taiwan Zero tariffs or decreased tariffs on Taiwan's fruits Giving a pair of panda as a good will gesture James Song visited in May 2005 Ma Ying Jeou Era (2008 – Present) KMT regains power Reversing Chen Shui-Bian's policies Greatly improving relations with China Starting directly fly and accept pandas Restores Chain Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Increasing business, trade, tourist, education contacts with China. Trade deal of 2010 Signed Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) with China on June 29, 2010 Will remove barriers to trade and investment across the Taiwan Strait 530 Categories of Taiwanese goods receive favorable tariffs. Will help boost Taiwan's economy More economic interdependence will lead to greater stability Both sides will lower tariffs on goods the textile, auto parts, machinery, and petrochemical sectors, etc.
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Class Notes 7.1.10 - Pols 497 Class Notes 7.1.10 Lian...

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