Class Notes 6.16.10 - Praised students Asked them to change...

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Pols 497 Class Notes 6.16.10 Tienanmen Video Notes con't Coalition of Independent Student Unions Wanted legal status Dialogue Elected a representative body to talk to the government Movement reached a low point Should we go back to class? Resume classes because a stalemate wouldn't get us anywhere Protest Peoples' Daily Hunger strike Democratic procedures were getting in the way Some student groups didn't want a hunger strike Bypassed the organization Repeal the editorial Hold dialogue with the students Hunger strike forced government to negotiation table Prerecorded broadcast Didn't hear it in the square Talks ruined by students themselves May 14 th was a big setback Day before Gorbachev arrival Talks break down Social Critics, journalists, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: Praised students Asked them to change tactics Yen Ming-Fu Reformer said that there would be no persecution Zhao Ze-Yang appeared in the square of course you can criticize us, just don't destroy yourselves in the process No compromise Li Peng Premier End the emergency immediately Call in military Flying Tigers report on troop movements Workers' Independent Union May 27 th Marathon benefit concert May 28 th interview with foreign journalist. Central Art Academy made the statue The Goddess of democracy Chai Ling Commander in chief 11 oclock armored personnel carrier drove into the square Molotov Decided to leave at dawn June 4 th ....
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Class Notes 6.16.10 - Praised students Asked them to change...

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