Lecture Notes 4.27.10

Lecture Notes 4.27.10 - revolt ▪ New Markets – new...

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Modernization Theory Proposed solution to poverty: “Washington Consensus” fiscal discipline privatization and free market reforms trade liberalization – remove tariffs open domestic markets to foreign investment – MNC democratic reforms to reduce corruption Dependency Theory MARX Hegel's dialectical idealism: Thesis ↔ Antithesis = Synthesis Marx's Dialectical Materialism: Ruling Class ↔ Progressive Class = New Ruling Class Feudalism → Capitalism → Socialism → Communism Prediction: revolution in most advanced capitalist countries (England, Germany) Lenin Why Revolution in Russia? Theory of imperialism: “Labor aristocracy” in advanced capitalist countries supported by colonies abroad Cheap Labor – then you can afford to pay workers back home so they won't
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Unformatted text preview: revolt. ▪ New Markets – new people to sell your stuff to! && keep competition out ▪ Investment opportunities/raw materials ◦ A country expands beyond its borders to take over other territory and turn it into a colony. ◦ Dependency Theory, Proper ▪ External causes of poverty: • 1. Colonialism ◦ Economy: subsistence crops → export cash crops ▪ One crop economies • Britain and cocoa ◦ Society: extended family → nuclear family units ▪ People get hired to do labor and not take care of their poor, demented, IMPOVERISHED families. ▪ ◦ Polity: artificial borders → civil war ▪ Nigeria → British colony, now you're all Nigerians. • Ebo separate nation • 2. Neo-colonialism ◦ Multinational corporations dominate newly independent countries ◦...
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Lecture Notes 4.27.10 - revolt ▪ New Markets – new...

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