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Joseph (Gus) Voss! HumanRightsWalk Paper! “Make injustice visible.” Mahatma Gandhi This quote is almost a direct representation of how I feel about the world. I personally feel that the duty of all Americans is to eradicate injustice, and I have taken it upon myself to make sure that I am going to work my hardest, do whatever it takes, to help destroy the injustice that America has grown up and learned to accept. It's so simple, yet so profound, because injustice occurs at every level of life. It hides in the cracks of the system, it jumps through the loopholes; it fill people's wallets, it empties others. When injustice is made visible, people respond negatively to the injustice, therefor
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Unformatted text preview: positively for justice, and the only way to get rid of injustice is to note that something is unjust. This quote applies to the Bill of Rights in almost every amendment. The first amendment gives us the tools to expose injustice through freedom of speech, and the right to assembly. It also prevents injustice from occurring in the religious spectrum. The other amendments go through to either prevent injustice, destroy it, or give us the legal tools to expose and eliminate it. This quote transcends the barriers of time; it is omnipresent, and always important. As long as the world contains injustice, it still must be made visible....
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