redistricting and reapportionment

redistricting and reapportionment - Reapportionment and...

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Reapportionment and Redistricting Workshop Summary -- Gus Voss 113015501 The workshop started off with a great summary by Dr. Gary Moncrief, who explained apportionment, reapportionment, malapportionment, the reapportionment revolution, and the key issues associated with the aforementioned. Apportionment is the division of U.S. House seats based on population, limited to 435 seats. Every state is guaranteed at least one one seat, and the following 385 are apportioned based on population. Reapportionment is the process which follows the Census and reallocates seats based on population growth. Malapportionment is when those drawing the district lines draw them in such a way as to under represent ethnic and political minorities. Up until 1960, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to deal with redistricting and reapportionment, but afterward the U.S. Experienced the reapportionment revolution, with such cases as Gomillion v Lightfoot, Baker v Carr, Gray v Sanders, Wesberry v Sanders, and Reynolds v Sims. Some key issues in the discussion included justiciability, discrimination, equipopulous districts, and a lack of congressional and state continuity in the redistricting process. The second session of the workshop consisted of Mike Gilmore explaining the legal aspects of the redistricting and reapportionment process, more thoroughly detailing the court battles and the Supreme Court trends which have led us to the process we utilize today. He explained that Idaho is the most populous of the states which have two U.S. House representatives. A brief examination of Idaho reapportionment and redistricting laws was also conducted, pointing out the 1889 constitutional blunder of county based senators, flotorial districts, Idaho Supreme Court cases and much more. We also learned that now the only Constitutional requirement for the number of districts in Idaho is between 30 and 35 districts.
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redistricting and reapportionment - Reapportionment and...

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