Chapter 8 Governance and Finance

Chapter 8 Governance and Finance - Chapter 8: Governance...

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Chapter 8: Governance and Finance Regulating and Funding Schools Governance: How Are Schools Regulated and Run? State Governance Structures - state board of education: legal governing body that exercises general control and supervision of the schools in a state -State boards regulate education by: -issuing and revoking teaching licenses -establishing length of school year -publishing standards for approving and accrediting schools -developing and implementing uniform systems for gathering education data - state office of education: responsible for implementing policy on a day-to-day basis. -state office implements: -teacher and administrator licensing -supervises curriculum -approves school sites and buildings -collects statistical data -state office influences the curriculum in two ways: 1) textbook approval 2) state standards: statements specifying what students should know and what skills they should have upon completing an area of study School Districts - school district: administrative unit within a state that is defined by geographical boundaries and is legally responsible for the public education of children within those boundaries. -hire and fire teachers -curriculum -instruction -small districts are less bureaucratic and easier to influence, but they often lack resources and instructional support staff -large districts tend to be hierarchical and bureaucratic, and getting things done takes time -local school board: group of elected lay citizens responsible for setting policies that determine how a school district operates. -What do school boards do?
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Chapter 8 Governance and Finance - Chapter 8: Governance...

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