Chapter 10_ The Curriculum

Chapter 10_ The Curriculum - Chapter 10 The Curriculum in...

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The Curriculum in an Era of Standards and Accountability What is Curriculum? The Relationship Between Curriculum and Instruction -Curriculum: everything that teachers teach and students learn in schools -subject matter taught to students -course of study -experiences students have - Instruction: the strategies teachers use to help students reach learning goals in the curriculum -Curriculum subsumes instruction -curriculum: content, skills, values, and attitudes that students learn in schools -curriculum reflects learning goals and the reasons educators select the goals. Components of the Curriculum Explicit Curriculum - Explicit curriculum (formal curriculum): The curriculum found in textbooks, curriculum guides, standards, as well as other planned formal educational experiences. -elementary teachers can make personal curriculum decisions (how long they spend on each content area) -middle schools curriculum emphasis is on content and tries to relate school work to real- life issues and make connections among content areas -junior high/high schools curriculum focuses on separate disciplines and becomes more specialized (critique: learning becomes fragmented) - integrated curriculum (interdisciplinary curriculum): concepts and skills from various disciplines are combined and related. -increases relevance of content by making connections -improves achievement -promotes collaborative planning -(critique: time-consuming) Implicit Curriculum -Implicit Curriculum (hidden curriculum, informal curriculum): the kinds of learning children acquire from the nature and organization of the classroom and school as well as the attitudes and actions of their teachers. -way teachers present content
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Chapter 10_ The Curriculum - Chapter 10 The Curriculum in...

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