Chapter 12 Effective Instruction

Chapter 12 Effective Instruction - Chapter 12: Effective...

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Chapter 12: Effective Instruction in American Schools Learning and Teaching in Today’s Classrooms Principles of Learning Cognitive Learning theories: explanations for learning that focus on changes in the ways people think that result from their efforts to make sense of the world. -learning depends on experiences -learners construct knowledge in an attempt to make sense of their experiences -Knowledge that is constructed depends on knowledge that is already possessed -learning is enhanced by social interaction -learning requires practice and feedback Feedback: information about existing understanding that we use to increase future understanding Effective Instruction: builds on the principles of learning in the previous section to maximize learning in the classroom. Planning for Effective Teaching Select topics, specify learning objectives, prepare and organize learning activities, plan for assessment, ensure instructional alignment Select Topics -standards, textbooks, and curriculum guides are all sources teachers commonly use -teacher’s knowledge, philosophies, and students’ interest Specify Learning Objectives Learning objective: Statements that specify what students should know or be able to do with respect to a topic or course of study -Robert Mager: Preparing Instructional Objectives ( Objective, Condition, Performance, Criteria) -Norman Gronlund: (General Objective, Specific Learning Outcome) -revision of Bloom’s Taxonomy: uses a matrix with 24 cells that represent the intersection of four types of knowledge with six cognitive processes Prepare and Organize Learning Activities High-quality examples: representations of content that ideally have all the information in them that the students need to reach teacher’s learning objectives. Plan for Assessment
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Chapter 12 Effective Instruction - Chapter 12: Effective...

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