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JD Lester Mrs. Brittany Collins ENGL 1102 1 May 2011 Business Major, What to Do With It? Ever since I was a little kid, I knew that I would be involved in business. Though I have always thought I wanted to be a manager like my mother, father, and grandfather, my research has opened my eyes to a much broader horizon of potential life paths. I decided on a major in business management almost immediately after getting accepted to Georgia Sothern University, but is this what I really want to do? According to “The Professional Degree: Business”, an article posted by, to pursue a business degree you must be a strong communicator, a good leader, and be willing to work with a team. They hit it spot on. I believe that I am a good leader and communicator. Also, they say you should enjoy solving challenging math problems and working with numbers, which I do. The goal here is not deciding whether or not to pursue a business degree, it is to discover my options and what classes I should expect to take leading into my career in business. Within my research I discovered which classes I will be taking to pursue a business degree. “Business students today can expect a balanced and broad-based education that focuses on a lot more than business-related courses”. (college board 1) Classes include but are not limited to calculus, psychology, economics, computer classes, writing workshops, accounting, and statistics. Professional business education starts your junior year, and includes a set of core courses such as finance, management, marketing,
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and operation management. Once you move into your senior year, you will focus more on your specific major and a course in business policy- in which you apply all the subjects you have studied in order to solve actual business problems.
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business major paper - JD Lester Mrs. Brittany Collins ENGL...

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