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colleg - Graham Sanders ENGL 1101 11:00 Credibility Report...

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Graham Sanders ENGL 1101 11:00 Credibility Report for Choosing a Major in College-How to Pick the Right Field By Jeff McGuire ( http://www.collegeview.com/choosing_a_major_in_college.html ) Currency This report does not have much information on how current it may be. The links on the website are all functional and up to date though. The side bar has recently added links, but no dates on when these links may have been posted. Relevance/Coverage For the length of the article, it surprisingly went into depth on most of the material I was looking for. I wouldn’t say the information is unique compared to the other article, but both convey new information. I feel generally the source was good, but the information could be found in many sources. The audience was towards college students deciding on a major. The site does provide all information needed. I would be comfortable using this article for a research paper.
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