The Movies That Shaped the World

The Movies That Shaped the World - The Movies That Shaped...

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The Movies That Shaped the World For almost a century now, movies have given audiences the opportunity to expand their imaginations. Every film has a meaning, and every director tries to portray this meaning through his or her films. Whether a romantic comedy, high-octane action flick, suspenseful horror movie, or soul-searching drama, every director wants the audience to feel what they feel, see what they see, and possibly fear what they fear. Over the past 3 years, I have been slowly trying to become a more avid movie-watcher by viewing every film on The International Movie Database Top 250 Films Ever Made. Within these 250 films, I found two films that changed the way I viewed the world. These two films were Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, both directed by film legend Quentin Tarantino. Both these films are considered to be some of the finest examples of film making in the past 25 years. Comparing and contrasting these two cinematic masterpieces to decide which one is truly better, is a difficult task for any critic or movie buff. Both are considered to be the finest films of their debuting years, both are present in the top 100 of the IMDB films list, and both have had substantial influence on pop culture. Going deeper into these movies, their effects on society, and how they've shaped future film making, can help truly decide which film should truly be considered best. To truly understand the brilliance of these films, one must get into the mind of Mr. Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino was born in
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The Movies That Shaped the World - The Movies That Shaped...

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