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In class summary dla - After I had given my mom statistics...

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JD Lester In Class Essay November 17 th , 2010 Letter Review How did I attempt to persuade my mom into giving me an extra $25 a week? I used many argumentative tools that we have learned in this class such as redefinition, commonplace, pathos and logos. These tools helped me put my paper together in a way that could persuade my mother into allowing me $25 a week in addition to my allocated $50. To start off, I found mine and my mother’s commonplace. We both agree that the ability to manage money is a necessity in life. I used this commonplace to my advantage by getting her to listen to what I had to say. Once I had her attention I began giving her facts on how much everything costs and how many expenses I have down her at GSU. The use of logos here should have been beneficial in opening my mother’s eyes so that she can see the situation I am in.
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Unformatted text preview: After I had given my mom statistics and facts, and have her full attention, I then began to use pathos to get on her emotional side. I told her more money would help me live more comfortably away from home and that I don’t have the luxury of eating her “delicious cooking” anymore. I want her to feel sympathetic towards me. Hopefully this will be one of the determining factors in her decision. I started with a strategy: Ask mom for the right amount of money and ask her in a way that will best persuade her to acknowledge my request. The use of rhetorical appeals and problem solving strategies that I have learned in this class helped me to persuade my mother to allow me the extra money I so desperately need. Hopefully I will be rewarded with this $25 because of the argumentative strategies I used in the email....
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