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J.D - Also have prior experience in the field c Where did...

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JD Lester FYE 1220: Weekly Assignment Due Oct 25, 6:00 pm. Assignment to be turned in via Ga View. (10 points) 1: Assume that you are in your last semester in college. You are searching for a job. Find one ad in the paper or on the internet for a job you think you would be interested in applying for. Answer the following questions. a: What is the job and what company is it for? Pizza Hut delivery boy. b: What are the specified qualifications for the job ? Have a car and driver’s license and clear driving record.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, have prior experience in the field. c: Where did you find the ad? I found the add online at monster.com/Statesboro. d: Why would you be interested in the job? I am interested in the job because it pays 8.50 an hour plus tips. I could make up to ten dollars an hour just in tips so even if I only worked part time; maybe 20 hours a week I could still make almost $400. Also, being a driver for pizza hut I could learn my way around Statesboro....
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