INSECTS - INSECTS-largest class of species 800,000,000...

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INSECTS -largest class of species. 800,000,000 species. Only 10% are known to us. -200,000,000 insects for each person on Earth (a) Mosquito: Malaria = caused by parasite inside mosquitoes. 250 million cases/year, 800,000 deaths /year in world. Can be controlled with insecticide or mosquito nets. Many other insect diseases, but malaria is most worrisome. (b) Cockroach : domestic, nocturnal, attracted by food. Not dirty as commonly thought. Periplanone B is the most powerful of pheromones, produced by females. Was used by CIA to track people down by placing periplanone B on their jackets. (c) Crickets : cricket farm in southern US important for bait for fishermen. Result : lot of cricket poop, which was sold as fertilizer called KK-432. Renaming it KK (Cricket Crap) made it sell better because didn’t sound like something synthetic. Crickets are edible. (d) Monarch Butterfly : Larvae feed on leaves of various plants, but especially Milkweed , which contains cardenolides , which are cardiac stimulators. Can be deadly in large doses. Caterpillar incorporate it into body and it is still present when they become butterflies. Cardenolides are very bitter, and insects don’t like this bitter taste. Blue jays learned not to eat monach butterfly because of the bitter taste. Viceroy butterfly doesn’t have milkweed as food, so doesn’t taste bitter, but mimics monarch butterfly appearance, so blue jay avoids them. Mimictry is very important for insects to hide from predators and evolutionary process. Crickets perform camouflage to hide from predators. Grasshoppers
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INSECTS - INSECTS-largest class of species 800,000,000...

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