AIR I & II - AIR I A SOME FACTS-Atmosphere is made of...

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AIR I A) SOME FACTS -Atmosphere is made of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 0.9% Argon and small amounts of CO 2 , Neon, Helium, and Methane -Cows produce methane which is a by-product of cellulose digesting bacteria in their gut; they breathe it out. -Methane is 6x more efficient that CO 2 in capturing heat so it contributes to global warming. -One breath can take approximately 3L of air -World record for holding one’s breath is 11 minutes. With breathing pure oxygen for 30 minutes prior, record is 20 minutes. - Main source of particulates in the air is sea salt spray (44%). Then comes nitrates, ammonium salts, terpenes =emitted by pine trees; responsible for blue haze in air above forests. Theres also sand which comes from the Sahara desert! (crosses the ocean!). -Most important source of particulates in the atmosphere is natural (65-92%) , compared to human influence (35-8%). Thus, its a ration of 3/1 . In fact, there was once a global cooling due to particles coming from a volcano. B) AIR POLLUTION Major source = indoor air and indoor cooking. Indoor air smoke 1.6 million deaths. b) Tobacco -Caused 400,000 deaths in North America. -20% of the population in Canada smoke. Quebec 25%, B.C 16% -4,800 different chemicals, 400 of them are toxic, and 40 carcinogenic. -A pesticide called “Black Leaf” was based on 60mg nicotine. -A cigar has 2x the lethal dose of nicotine (120mg), but people don’t die because they don’t eat it, and much of it cause into the air. Short term effects : 2mg is the dose you need to get hooked. This is the same amount present in the chewing tablets. Nicotine can be both a stimulant and a depressant; if small amounts are taken, it is a stimulant, if large amounts, depressant. This versatility is what makes it so addicting.
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Long Term Effect: The number one cause of death associated with smoking is Heart Disease , not lung cancer (caused by nicotine and carbon monoxide). 1/5 th o f haemoglobin in smokers is tied up with carbon monoxide, causing less oxygen being delivered to tissues like the heart. This is also cause smokers to be out of breath easily. Other effects: asthma, emphysema, lung cancer. Before cigarettes were introduced in large scale in US there were only 400 annual cases of lung cancer from smoking but now there is 150 000 annual cases. * Most common form of cancer in men = Prostate cancer *Number one cause of cancer deaths in men = Lung cancer *Most common form of cancer in women = Breast cancer *Number one cause of cancer deaths in women = lung cancer -Nicotine increases basal metabolic weight. Thus, when you stop smoking, you gain weight. C) London Smog =Need damp cold air . First sulphur (found in coal) reacts with O 2 to produce Sulphur dioxide, which then reacts with moisture to produce sulphuric acid as wells as particulates. Thus, burning coal produces sulphuric acid. => Acid rain. Smog caused 8000 deaths.
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AIR I & II - AIR I A SOME FACTS-Atmosphere is made of...

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