BIOTECHNOLOGY - BIOTECHNOLOGY = field of science that...

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BIOTECHNOLOGY = field of science that explores the potential use of biological systems/ living organisms to produce desired products or organisms. =using a living organism to solve a problem e.g fermentation = yeast used to carry out a reaction that we want (sugar alcohol + CO 2 ) e.g cheese making : Rennet (mix of enzymes extracted from stomach of animal) added to milk to make cheese e.g Alexander Fleming accidental discovery of penicillin: mold kills bacteria via production of penicillin. 1952: Crick & Watson discovery of structure of DNA. - Kelvin Ogilvie build first ever “ gene machine ” which puts together nucleotide to make very small strands of DNA, at McGill chemistry building. - Gene Splicing: cut out a gene from a species and put it into another organism to perform a specific task. E.g production of human insulin , sold as “humanlog”. E.g production of human growth hormone . E.g production of bovine growth hormone or bovine somatotropin (BST), causing it to produce more milk. - First product of genetic engineering in our food supply: Introduced in 1990 – Chymosin , part of extract from stomach of calf is used to make cheese. Gene for making of chymosin was isolated and placed into yeast DNA, producing chymosin. - Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) : - grapefruit = product of crossbreeding between oranges and lemons. -
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BIOTECHNOLOGY - BIOTECHNOLOGY = field of science that...

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