GARBAGE - GARBAGE Hydrofluoric Acid(HF Fluoride reacts with...

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GARBAGE Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) : Fluoride reacts with Calcium to form Calcium Floride; HF robs the skin of calcium, causing hypocalcemia. -4 pounds of garbage/person/day -Most of it is paper - Bioremediation :The process by which living organisms act to degrade or transform hazardous organic contaminants (bacteria use their enzymes). -Compost : natural occurring bacteria breaks down food components. This compost can be used as fertilizer. Tires : 20 million discarded in Canada/year. 75% recycled into ultra-durable roof shingles, soundproofing wall panels, running tracks, garbage cans. Charles Goodyear – found a way to make rubber usable. Heated with sulphur and vulcanized: vulcanized rubber ”. When incinerated, sulphur gets into the air. This is the problem with tire fires ; H 2 S, SO 2 , H 2 SO 4 released into air. Tires can be cleanly incinerated, by trapping the sulphur produced. Mobro Incident (1987) : 3000 tons of NYC trash. Some were loaded on a barge called Mobro for shipment where they hoped to extract methane gas from it, which can be used as fuel. False rumour that the barge contained medical waste started. Thus, nobody would take the garbage, and it was dumped back into the NYC landfill. 17,000 tons of garbage daily produced by NYC. MYTH : we are running out of landfill space If garbage is generated at the current rate for another 1000 years, it will still fit in a hole 100 yards deep and 35 miles on each side. The space is there, but someone has to pay for the transport. Burring garbage is a good way of getting rid of garbage. Modern landfills do not leach stuff out into environment, they are a very proper solution. Manila, Philippines (July 2000) : Heavy rains caused a garbage dump about 3 times the size of a football
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GARBAGE - GARBAGE Hydrofluoric Acid(HF Fluoride reacts with...

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